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Social Impact (SI) is a values-based firm working to improve the effectiveness of international development organizations and the programs they support. SI works in the sectors of democracy and governance, health, education, economic growth and environment.

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Our Core Values

  • Sustainable development. We strive to promote processes of sustainable development and social change, expanding the capabilities of individuals and organizations to affect positive differences in the lives of people in the long-run.
  • People-centeredness. Our work is about improving the lives of women, men and children. Our interventions must always be measured in terms of how they affect people's lives, in ways that are meaningful to the people concerned.
  • Participation. We promote participation with the belief that people have the right to shape decisions that affect their lives.
  • Value for local knowledge and assets. We work with local people to build upon local knowledge, traditions, assets, resources and learning in order to promote more appropriate and enduring solutions.
  • Empowerment. We work with individuals, groups and organizations to build their strength, confidence and collective vision to work for positive change in people's lives. We work to provide a stronger voice to marginalized groups.
  • Global "best practices." We seek to identify, document and help to create global best practices in managing social change in tandem with our clients and partners.
  • Customized, results-oriented solutions. We take the time to understand the context of the issues at hand and to develop customized, highly practical and cost-effective solutions leading to measurable results.
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches. We harness the collective wisdom of multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex and multifaceted development challenges.
  • Balancing a double bottom line. We gauge our success through a double bottom line-creating measurable social benefits and maintaining a profitable enterprise.